A how-to guide for Puggle lovers.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Puggle, Thunder & Lightning

Last night, Puggles experienced his first thunder and lightning storm, ever! At the start of the storm Puggles was curiously watching the window light up with lightning. Once the storm was overhead the thunder startled him. As the thunder got louder, Puggles would jump further back from the window. It was hysterical because he could not drag himself away from watching the window, even though he was afraid. He cuddled up next to me, eyes glued to the flashing window until the storm passed.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My Rain-hating Puggle

Ever since I got my puggle he has completely despised the rain. As soon as we walk outside and it is raining he immediately turns around to go back inside. Since we still have to go for a walk, Puggles will walk ever-so-painfully slow along the side of the building to avoid getting wet. If by chance he does get wet, he stops and looks at me pitifully.
If Puggles was a normal dog I could buy him a cute little raincoat and call it a day. Unfortunately, he freaks out whenever we try to dress him in anything (sweater, raincoat, costumes etc). If I had started dressing Puggles as soon as I got him, he would probably be more acceptant of doggie-clothes.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Puggle Gear for Humans

Check out this pro-puggle gear for puggles and owners here!
Way to support your dog!

Snuggle a Puggle

Not only are puggles full of energy, but they are great snugglers once they use that energy up. Everyone that I talk to who has a puggle says that puggles are very cuddly. At night, as soon as I turn the lights off, Puggles will curl up at the end of the bed. After about an hour he will work his way up to me and burrow under the blankets and sleep close to me for the rest of the night. It is adorable! When my alarm goes off he usually sighs and snuggles closer. I usually have to coax him out of bed to go for a walk so that I am not late for work.

Puggle roll?

I am not sure if it is a puggle thing, or a general dog practice, but every time Puggles sees a door mat he throws himself down and rolls around on his back. The larger and dirtier the mat the better. He would do this all day if I let him. Unfortunately once he bends down, it is near impossible to stop him. I have resorted to pulling, dragging, threatening, and leaving him there. None of the above work very well. It is really embarrassing when we walk by a fancy restaurant and he rolls himself around in front of a ton of people. After realizing that "no" wasn't working, I am now using treats to lure him away from the mats, and when possible, avoiding them.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Puggle puppies for Sale!

If you are interested in buying a puggle, check this website out:

Breeder writes, "I have 4 adorable puggle puppies ready to go to a new home. 1st shot, wormed and paper trained. 2 females & 2 males. 2 Each of bl. & white and fawn. Please contact me if interested in giving them a great home. Very loving breed, get along great w/ other animals and pets. Mine are well sociailzed and hand raised in my home."

For more information, click on the above link for email address and telephone number.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

July Puggle Meetup

The July Puggle Meetup was a great time.
Here are some pictures.
All of the puggles got along really well together and played the whole time. It's so funny to see them in a group because they run, bark and play exactly the same. After hours of running, my puggle is passed out sleeping. The aftermath is one of my favorite parts of the meetups.

Next Meetup the first Sunday in August.

Puggle, Mouse Hunter Round 2

What a night! Last night Puggles was pawing at the side of the couch, which isn't totally abnormal behavior for my dog. I didnt think anything of it until the pawing became more rapid, and a tiny mouse shot from under the couch to under the TV stand. Puggles quickly followed and stood guard in front of the TV. With no luck, we set traps and went to bed.
Unfortunately, I went to bed, but Puggles stayed up mouse-hunting. Every slight noise or movement, Puggles would jump of the bed and try to attack. Finally after over an hour of "hunting" we both went to sleep.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Puggle, Mouse Hunter?

On Wednesday night, Puggles was calmly laying on the couch eating a bone. All of a sudden, he jumped across the room, instantly becoming airborn. As he landed I saw a tiny little tail sneak under the couch in the nick of time. After screaming for my roommates, Puggles tried to shove himself under our very low couch. Without much luck, he tried to paw the mouse from under the couch, which made "Jeffrey" (we had to name him) run under the loveseat. After moving the second couch, the Jeffrey ran into our closet in the living room. Puggles, aggressively pawed at the closet door, until I made my roommate hold him back. I decided that a mouse was not going to be dinner for Puggles. After a half hour of mouse hunting we finally found a mouse trap, and Jeffrey moved out for good.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Puggles and Fireworks

In celebration of July 4th I was debating whether to take Puggles with me to see fireworks so that he didnt have to be stuck inside by himself. A few people warned me that he would be frightened, nervous, and probably bark the whole time. Others told me that he might flip out and need to leave. After thinking about all of this I decided to take him with me anyway, and if he got upset we could go back to our apartment, since the fireworks were only a few blocks away.
When the fireworks started, I made sure to watch Puggles intently. At first there was no reaction. The boom of the fireworks didn't seem to phase him, which made me wonder-is he deaf? Once the fireworks really got going Puggles seemed to be watching eagerly. His ears and head would perk up and turn from side to side when there were a lot of fireworks. He was quite funny.
We took this as a sign that he liked fireworks.